Japanese for Busy People

Sometimes I wonder about my own sanity. This year ARU has offered (or re-offered, according to a member of staff I spoke to, the option was available until a few years ago) the option for a student to study a language module, and on completion (and having attended a minimum of 80% of seminars) receive a certificate, however there are no credits for the module, but on the plus side you don’t have to take the exam that students for whom the module is a core module will have to take.

Fortunately I also have the right book, and the provider of todays post title, Japanese for Busy People. Yep, I have taken the opportunity and started Japanese Foundation 1. However, the recommended text is the Kana version, requiring me to at least learn Hiragana (one of three styles of writing in Japanese) to fully read.

Wish me luck!