End of Semester: Assignments, Stress, UBC and more

We’re now at that time of the semester where the library will often be found packed and the open access area full (although, with also a surprisingly number of computers not in use due to the lack of chairs as multiple users use share a single computer).

A time when colleagues start to panic over the assignments, either due to leaving them to the last minute or not seeking clarification of what it is that we actually have to do (which happens far more often than you’d think for a group of university level students who are now in their second year).

The time for final deadlines, when assignments are due and then home for Christmas.

This year is particularly chilling thou as now the marks count towards the overall scolding of the degree, knowing that success this year can enhance my final classification, whereas failure will add greatly to the stress for the last year. On the plus side, I don’t have to worry about thinking of the topic for my dissertation for another few months (well actually, I’ve already been putting together ideas).

Fortunately out of all of this there is some good news, my team has made it to the second round of the Universities Business Challenge, I’m particularly chuffed as I didn’t make it past the first round last year. Now onto the second round in Sheffield in March and making it through to the third!

Still, only four more assignments to go and then I’m free until the end of January. I do have plans for the free time thou, namely putting pen to paper for blog ideas I’ve had and some more that I’m contemplating. Not to mention the ones I’ve already started writing, catch-up Christmas anyone?

Well, back to working on my assignments, they’re not going to write themselves after all (at least not yet, although my attempts at trying out voice to text software has been mixed).