Freshers and Employability Skills

As promised in a previous post here are the activities from the fresher’s fair linked to the employability skills. I had intended for this post to be uploaded sooner, however between illness and a hectic couple of months it’s taken longer to write than I expected. In addition, I resigned from the committee in November due to personal reasons.


Running a society requires self-management, there is no one above you to ‘motivate’ you to work, or in this case run a society.

For fresher’s we were required to develop our resources (although we were spared the job of printing out the leaflets, saving the society some money). This included developing our skills, e.g. IT, to match what was required/identified, designing the marketing material, making and attending meetings, including between the committee and with SU staff to finalise arrangements for both the fair and taster event, marketing, and networking (the week after was a busy one with various events going on including the Creative Minds launch event).


The committee is a team, and we have to work together to ensure the success of the fashion society for the benefit of its members. Throughout fresher’s we had to communicate, solve problems together, and most importantly, compromise to an agreeable solution when we had different opinions.

Business and Commercial Awareness

Business and Commercial awareness played a small role in the planning for fresher’s, but a greater one in planning for events throughout the year. At a minimum a basic understanding of the fashion industry was, and will continue to be, required.

Problem Solving

A problem that occurred on the day of the taster event was finding out that the gazebo was locked, and that the booking hadn’t been passed to security. Fortunately this was relatively easy to solve as it involved finding a member of the student union staff to confirm the booking.

Communication and Literacy

Communication between committee members, and society members. Communication between the fresher’s fair and the taster event reminding those who signed up to the mailing list of the taster event.

Application of IT

Application of IT fell into three main uses:

  • Use of design software and Microsoft PowerPoint to design the posters/leaflets,
  • Facebook to promote the society online,
  • Use of Mail Chimp to setup the subscriber mailing list,

With the design software, none of the committee members had prior experience, but after a bit of trial and error, came up with a suitable flyer to promote the taster event. We also discovered that Microsoft PowerPoint allows you to design fold over leaflets.


Estimating number of attendees based on feedback and identifying costs from these, while ensuring to remain within budget.

Project Management

As the fresher’s fair and taster event were one off events they can be classed as projects (or alternatively as activities of an overall project).

Languages and Cultural Sensitivity

As Anglia Ruskin has an international student base we had to consider our words carefully when promoting at the fresher’s fair. While slang was avoided as a matter of professionalism, we also had to remember that not everyone has the same level of proficiency.

Social Responsibility

As volunteers we’re giving something back to the student body.