Internship Programme First Update

Last month I was accepted onto the LAIBS Internship Programme, and added to an already busy month. There were two intern events in March, and one at the start of April.

The first event was network training in preparation for the second event where we met our mentors, although my mentor was absent on the day we had made plans beforehand to meet up at a later date.

The April event took place in Ely with the day split into two. In the morning an adventure hunt solving clues to find a missing person, with the afternoon looking at teamwork theory, including Belbins team roles and John Adair’s Action-Centred Leadership.

Adventure Hunt

First we had to get into line, without talking, in the order of our birth (day and month only), and than split into five teams based on date of birth (first six, next six, etc.). The goal was an attempt to get a mix within teams of people from both Cambridge and Chelmsford and people who don’t know each other. Amusingly I was in a team with three others from Cambridge, whom I already knew, and two from Chelmsford.

The adventure hunt itself was interesting, and challenging. We were given a folder with maps of the area, a small envelope with ‘open first’ and a walkie talkie. One of the maps was the immediate vercinity with stars on, at each of the locations we found more envelopes. Within each was a jigsaw puzzle, which when put together spelled “Costa”, which was where we met out first contact.

Given a map to a park and parts to make a compass (just missing the water) we made our way where we found ourselves in a game of Chinese whispers. Passing along an origin of common English phrases, the person at the back had to figure out which phrase it was. We passed with no faults.

After this we made our way to another park, went South for 69 paces, found a picture of a crab. Made a crab out of felt, went behind Ely Cathedral, matched up six names of famous books and from these found the first code word, worked out a four letter word (this was probably the hardest part) for the second code word. And won, having figured out the word first and identified the code words as Ursa Minor.

The Afternoon

The afternoon built on the morning, remaining in our teams we looked at Belbins team roles, identifying each other’s strengths and weaknesses and matching them to the nine roles Belbin identified. We also looked at Adair’s Action-Centred Leadership, although only the basic theory – it should fit in with a module I’m taking next year, Leadership in Contemporary Organisations.

There are a couple of upcoming events in May and a further event, date tbc, that involves climbing the O2!