End of Second Year and Planning for the New

The second year of university has come to an end, now it’s time for rest and relaxation.

Since finishing my assignments I’ve encountered a case of writers block, seemingly struggling to put my thoughts to paper and when trying petering out after a few words. Having my girlfriend’s mother visit hasn’t helped either, especially as I was meeting her for the first time!

Despite this however I have had some thoughts on a few posts, especially as I plan to spend the summer on a couple of personal projects and on reading in preparation for the new academic year. I’m finding though that the more I learn the more my free reading is focusing on economics to the extent that I was recently in the Cambridge University Press bookshop and eyeing copies of Keynes work.

Fortunately this reading is helping to keep me in a good frame of mind due to some setbacks over the past few months, namely when applying for internships. Due to health issues during my A-levels I did not achieve as well as I could have done. These health issues persisted until my early 20’s. This resulted in a low UCAS score that falls under the requirements for the majority, if not all, internship roles that I’ve looked at. When taking the risk and applying anyway I’ve found myself rejected at the first stage with either a “too many applicants to give feedback” or “do not meet requirements”, further communications centred on the UCAS score.

Coming up at the start of June is the Africa Together conference on Saturday 10th June (http://www.africatogether.org.uk) which I’ll be attending and than I’m taking part as a Junior University mentor with the Transformation Trust’s (http://transformationtrust.org.uk) Which? Junior University programme. I’ve also started to look at postgraduate opportunities, both within the UK and abroad and will continue over the summer looking at courses.