Taking on a New Challenge

Even thou the new academic year has yet to begin it’s already looking to be a busy first semester. The LAIBS Intern Programme is continuing and culminates with an awards evening in November, with a session on communication booked for the latter half of September. 

A timely session it appears as I’ve risen to the challenge and taken on the presidency of the Cambridge branch of the ARU Enterprise Society, and in addition have begun the development of a course based International Business Society. I’ll need to put my communication skill to the test in order to promote the societies.  

I’ve taken on this challenge because I did not wish to see the Enterprise Society at Cambridge come to an end, it also provides both an opportunity to take on a leadership position and develop by skills but to also give something back to the university. The extra-curricular activities put on by the Society previously, by the business school and the SU have enhanced my university experience and contributed to how well I’ve done with my assignments, network, friendships and overall helped make university as enjoyable as possible. Without these I would have not done as well and have been a lot lonelier for it! 

Previously the Enterprise Society has been the only business related society for Cambridge, the Chelmsford Campus also having the Finance Society, and I believe that this may have caused some confusion. Being the only business related society members may have either joined but, with low or no interest in entrepreneurship, disengaged or alternatively may have decided not to join as they had no interest in enterprise in the first place.  

There is also the potential that students from other facilities may have refrained from joining due to the business heavy focus. ARU heavily promotes entrepreneurship but each faculty appears to be operating separately, one aim of the Enterprise Society is to allow students from different faculties to come together and collaborate.  

Along with the International Business Society, the Students Union is promoting the introduction of further course based societies throughout the university, and I hope that by separating the link between the Enterprise Society and LAIBS than this would reduce the confusion about the Society. With new course based societies there is also the potential to increase the number of LAIBS students who engage with societies, and once they get involved could lead to further involvement in LAIBS activities. 

To sum it up, the approach chosen is that the International Business Society focuses on business related activities for business students while the Enterprise Society would focus on entrepreneurship throughout the university as a whole. 

One area of concern is society longevity, while recognising that societies are student led and focused and that societies come and go with varying lifespans, one of my objectives for the year is to develop a programme to early identify and “train up” future committee members/leaders in order to reduce the chances of either society folding with a change in committee. Possibly even developing a link to committee roles to related modules – a sort of “you’ve learned the theory now put it into practice”.