What does the future hold? Part 3.

It’s been an interesting few months since finishing university, from moving to London due to my wife’s job to finding myself enrolled on a TEFL course (my wife insisted, if we end up moving back to China after my wife has completed her current course of study than it’ll aid in getting a job teaching English).

It was a little tough at first when moving to London, particularly on the job front. I’ve reminded of just how much I dislike job hunting, from looking for what type of job to apply for to attending interviews. Fortunately, my current workplace decided that they didn’t want to lose me and have let me work from home three days of the week, although the commute to Cambridge two days a week makes up for it!

The TEFL course is interesting, particularly the grammar section – I hadn’t realised how many nouns there are! Time permitting I’ll upload my notes under my personal development page, just have to pare them down a bit.