Socks to That!

This past weekend was a creative one. My wife decided to turn a cashmere jumper into socks. Said cashmere jumper had previously gone into the wash and tumble-dried, promptly shrinking and too small around the shoulders for her to wear. Rather than attempt to stretch, and with the temperature outside in the single digits, felt that new socks would be more suitable.

So began a weekend of cutting, sewing and general squealing (on her part) while she made two pairs of passable socks. Or attempted to. Like a knight in shining armour, I had to save the day and sew them together as the use of a sewing machine seems to be beyond her skillset.

On the bright side it did help rekindle my love of making things and, having been storing in a box for the past year, found a project I’d started but had put aside – a linen notebook cover. Welp, it was my first attempt and the end results were not as expected. Still, there’s always next time. I’ve plenty of material left – enough for another three covers and I’ve learned now not to sew the long side so far out before folding (in hindsight it was obvious, and I ask myself how I did not realise it sooner).


Unfortunately university assignments take priority for now, but as soon as they’re done I’m breaking out the sewing machine once more.