End of the 2017 Intern Programme

Last month saw the end of the 2017 LAIBS Intern Programme, it’s been a busy 8 months with a varied training programme and activities (including an away day, climbing the O2 and a summer social that involved painting room for a homeless charity). We were also allocated mentors from a variety of professional roles (one per intern, not multiple each).

The training covered a number of different topics, including:

  • Networking,
  • Team Building,
  • Effective Communications,
  • Speed Reading,
  • Problem Busting,

The training alone made the programme worth joining as it allowed us to build on and improve the skills we’d started to develop since starting our courses, and the training (and social activities) allowed for the chance to get to meet people who I otherwise would not have, particularly from the Chelmsford campus.

Regarding our mentors, some were more active than others (I’d heard of one who just disappeared after a few months!), I was fortunate as my mentor, while not local to Cambridge, was able to meet me and we maintained regular email contact.

I also won an award for Inspirational Work Ethic, to go along with a personalised letter from the Dean of the business school and a certificate for taking part in the programme.

Author: Jamie Hall

Author of Jamie A Hall.

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