January IT Issues

This January I certainly got one of my wishes for when I setup my website, finding out more about the backend of the websites programming that can cause issues to occur (while yes, as it turns out I could have asked my internet hosting service to resolve as it was a plugin issue, it just didn't seem right to delegate when I could fix it myself).

Two plugins decided that, after the latest updates, to stop working which had the knock on effect on the rest of the website causing the site not to load. This was resolved with a bit of detective work and going through the file manager to identify the issue (at first, I wasn't aware that it was the plugins, and only found the two after first checking that there was no issues with the server itself and the use of google).

However, having found and disabled the plugins which were causing the site not to load a new issue appeared. In this case the dashboard and plugins pages had some trouble being found, an "Opps! That page can't be found" issue. As it turns out I did have to ask my hosting service for some help in the end, although this help did end up being a transfer to a new server which resolved the remaining issues…

At least I learnt a couple of things:

  1. Plugins can go bad when updating, and how to identify which ones are causing issues.
  2. Keep a regular backup, my previous backup was when I was making numerous changes in April last year!

Author: Jamie Hall

Author of Jamie A Hall.

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