One Year On

It’s been a year now since I first started my blog, and looking back I have to say that I’m a little disappointed in myself.

My goals when I started this website were to:

  1. Blog about events that occurred and subjects that I found interesting. 
  2. Learn more about running a website, including the back functions.  
  3. Learn a bit of code to eventually create my own website design rather than the current pre-made version.  
  4. Promote myself, my activities and projects.

So far I’ve managed a bit of the first, maybe some of the second, none of the third and a little of the last. This is particularly disappointing when considering that a number of my posts refer to events/topics that I planned on writing and posting within a month or two of the first post.
Looking back at why I can identify several trends:

  1. Procrastination, a lot of procrastination and wasting time that could be spent on productive activities.  
  2. Not devoting the time required despite saying to myself to spend at least a couple of hours a week on writing content/learning more about running a website. 
  3. Prioritising other activities such as the Enterprise and International Business Societies, work, spending time with family, my girlfriend… wait, ignore that last one! 
  4. Life – life just gets in the way, the hunt for next years accommodation, increased commuting time (although when I manage to get a seat on the train it’s not too bad).  
  5. Tired after work, work is exhausting and spending my day in front of a computer screen doesn’t help. I’ve got to get away from the screen sometimes… 

Some of the above could be considered laziness, oh well.

In an attempt to rectify some of the above I’m setting myself a set of SMART objectives for the remainder of the year. The first to encourage writing posts and the second for adding content to the website.

Objective: Blog once a month 


Post once a month on my blog with a university related subject that either covers an activity I took part in, an event I attended, or an item of interest that occurred. 


The posting of one blog post a month that involves university. 


Very achievable. 


A post for my blog that is related to an aspect of my life. 


 The last day of each month per post. 

Objective: Update the Recommended Reading page


Update the recommended reading page with the latest books I’ve read that I recommend for anyone who seeks to better understand or improves themselves, to learn new things and build on their knowledge base, or alternatively is a good read. This includes writing a brief blurb and personal thoughts of the books.


At least 5 books with a blurb and personal thoughts are added.


There is a moderate chance that this objective is achievable.


Self-improvement is always vital, as is learning new things even if they may not appear relevant at the time. By recommending some of the more interesting books that I’ve read than I hope that it’ll encourage others to read them.


By the end of December 2017.

Let’s see when I revisit them at the end of the year how I’ve done!

Author: Jamie Hall

Author of Jamie A Hall.

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