Why a blog?

Welcome to my blog! So why a blog you ask?

I first decided to start a blog for several reasons, in part to encourage me to write, but also for me to voice my thoughts. Hopefully I’ll also improve my writing technique and research skills along the way.

As this is first and foremost a personal blog, my posts will be related to what interests me, although I will try and avoid posting anything related to politics. Posts will usually fall into one of three categories:

  • Martial arts related,
  • Student related,
  • Career related,

That last one could be considered a contradiction, as career = professional which is the opposite of personal, however with social media and the potential of private comments affecting your career there is room for overlap in the opposite direction.

My goal is to post at least one entry a month, and where possible I’ll build up a bank to ensure that I’m able to publish during busy periods.

So please, stick around and all comments you feel to make are welcome.

Author: Jamie Hall

Author of Jamie A Hall.

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